Make sure you don't suffer from the next Google slap.

One thing all business owners require is a website that is mobile friendly. In the April 2015 Google update, your search engine rankings will either improve or decline based upon your website. It needs to be mobile friendly. Click here to download our free report, The Importance of a Mobile Friendly Website to make sure your website passes the test...

How our information technology support services are different

At Specialized Computing, we do information technology support services a bit differently than most. We recognize how important your business is to you and we think you’ll like some of the choices we have made to help you out with the technology side of things. We only work with small businesses. You can trust that your important work... Read more..

Why Managed Services?

For that matter, what are managed services? Managed services is the practice of transferring responsibility to us for the day-to-day management of your computers, networks, and other technology as a strategic method for more effective and efficient operations. The benefits of managed services are that you get more bang for your buck.... Read more..

Mac or PC?

One of the questions we’re asked most here at Specialized Computing is, “Which is better, Mac or PC?” It’s a good question, one that is more and more common now with the “sexiness” of Apple Macintosh computers being touted in TV commercials, the prevalence of iPods, iPhones and iPads, and the new... Read more..